Solids: The bodies occupying space are called Solids. Solids could come in all shapes and sizes. Common ones could be cube, cuboid, cones, sphere, etc.

Volume of a solid: The space occupied by a solid body is called its volume. The units of volume are cubic centimeter or cm^3 or cubic meters or m^3

Cuboid: A solid bounded by six rectangular plane faces it called a cuboid. A cuboid has 6 rectangular faces, 12 edges and 8 vertices.

In the adjoining figure, ABCDEFGH is a cuboid whosepp1

  1. Six  faces are: ABCD, EFGH, EFBA, HGCD, EHDA\ and\ BFGC  .
  2. Out of these, the four side faces, namely EFBA, HGCD, EHDA, \ and\  BFGC   are called lateral faces.
  3. 12 edges are:AB, CD, EF, GH, AE, DH, BF, CG, AD, EH, FG, and BC .
  4. Eight Vertices are: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H .



Cube: A cuboid whose length, breadth and height are all equal is called a cube. Each edge of a cube is called its side.


Formula for Cuboid and Cube

Consider a cuboid with length=l, \ width=w \ and \ height=h .v1

Volume\ of\ a\ cuboid=(l\times b\times h) cubic\ units.

 Total\ surface\ Area\ of\ a\ cuboid=2(lb+bh+lh) \ units. 

Lateral \ surface \ Area \ of \ a \ cuboid = 2(l + b) \times h sq. units. 

Diagonal\ of\ a\ cuboid=\sqrt{l^2+b^2+h^2} \  units 


Consider a cube with all sides equal to a units.v2

Volume \ of \ a \ cube = a^3 \ cubic \ units. 

Total \ surface \ Area \ of \ a \ cube = 6a^2 \ units 

Lateral \ surface\ Area\ of\ a\ cube=4a^2 \ units. 

Diagonal \ of \ a \ cube = a\sqrt{3}